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University Corridor

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Energy Capital

of Mississippi

Number #1

in available Timber Harvest

Key Industries

Food Processing & Manufacturing 

A number of occupations in The Enterprise labor shed have more than twice the national average of workers in proportion to population. These occupations listed below have strong national growth projections and directly related to the skill sets needed for food processors and manufacturers.

  • Soil and Plant Scientist
  • Conservation Scientist
  • Agricultural and Food Science Technicians
  • Biological Scientist

The high preponderance of these occupations are due to a major agriculture research university, Mississippi State University, being located less than 30 miles from The Enterprise.  In addition there is a large amount of agricultural lands being farmed for corn, soy beans and sweet potatoes in the region. There are multiple poultry and pork family farms in operation.

There is a large segment of the population working in the food service industry providing skills which are transferable to working in a processor or manufacturing environment.

Upholstered Furniture Manufacturing 

The Enterprise region has a large concentration and history of individuals working in the textiles industry.

  • Sewing Machine Setters
  • Upholsters
  • Cutting and Knitting Machine Setters
  • Forming Machine Setters
  • Sawing Machine Setters
  • Woodworking Machine Setters

All of the occupations have a higher than national average occupational presence in The Enterprise with a growing workforce. Local mills are producing the green timbers used in furniture manufacturing throughout the Southeast region. Local textile company Tilsatec made an investment in opening their first U.S.A. production facility in 2015 and has steady growth in employment with a readily available workforce.

Construction Trades Manufacturing 

The Enterprise has a large availability of fly ash a byproduct of lignite coal used in power generation at the Red Hills Ecoplex. The availability of fly ash opens up several industry targets:

• Asphalt Paving, Roofing and Saturated Materials Manufacturing
• Brick and Structural Clay Tile Manufacturing
• Cement Manufacturing
• Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing
• Concrete Pipe, Brick and Block Manufacturing
• Other Concrete Product Manufacturing
• Gypsum Product Manufacturing

The Enterprise is home to Southeastern Timber Products LLC a large yellow pine saw mill producing a variety of board sizes used in the construction industry. The Enterprise is working to create a building materials cluster with use of fly ash in products.

Telemarketing & Contact Centers

Office administration responsibilities will continued to be outsourced and The Enterprise is positioned to house inbound and outbound call centers and contact centers. With the availability of fiber and high-speed internet in the area and vacant buildings along with a workforce skilled and available makes The Enterprise a desirable location. There is a need for office and customer service jobs to balance the heavy manufacturing currently available. Gun Dog Supply an e-commerce supplier with large customer service department has recently located to The Enterprise due to having reoccurring fiber providers and an available building.

Iron & Steel Pipe Manufacturing

Machinery Manufacturing

Outputs from Golden Triangle

Wood Products